The Legalities of Using Royalty-Free Music for Commercial Projects

The Legalities of Using Royalty-Free Music. Music licensing refers to the mechanism of getting permission from the owner of a piece of music to use that music for a specific project, typically for film, television, advertising, or other media. Music licenses can be pre-cleared or obtained on a case-by-case basis. Licenses can vary in price depending on the usage and popularity of the song. It is important to obtain proper licenses to avoid legal issues.

Royalty-free music may sound like a dream but don’t get caught in a nightmare of legal troubles. Before you use that catchy tune in your project, make sure you have permission from the owner. Music licensing can be pre-cleared or negotiated, and the price tag will vary based on the song’s popularity and how you’re using it. Do yourself a favor and avoid a legal beatdown by getting the proper licenses.

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