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Groove House Album

We have put together 10 songs of groovy electronic funky house songs.

Dj Patsan

Bringing Me Down

Bringing me down a new electronic club feel-good song. A male vocal with an emotional appeal and club 4/4 beat the song will envoke a funky rhythm with a deep funky bassline it’s perfect for a dancefloor warm-up song and has the radio and extended mix feel the groove and soul on the composition it …

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Just a Memory

Just a Memory Feat Dawn Harght

New song available April 13, 2020, feat   Dawn Harght. A powerful uniquely song coupled with electronic beats. I can’t wait for this release to be out in April 2020 Also, a music video to be added to this song.  


New Album out very soon inspired by an assortment of electronic beats Jump on this album for a versatile experience from Lo Fo hip hop Drum & Bass evoking an array of different emotions from uplifting to emotional happy and nostalgic.