2023 Music: What’s Hot and What’s Not

It’s 2023 and the music scene is as vibrant and eclectic as ever. Every year there are new genres, sounds, and styles to check out! But what’s hot this year?

One of the upcoming songs has been ‘Makes Me Feel’ by artist Dj Patsan. It combines elements of EDM, pop, rap, and even a little bit of techno with its heavy use of synthesizers and drum machines. Laser Light Rave has become an anthem for many young people everywhere who love to get down on the dancefloor after dark.

In contrast to G-Force’s upbeat bangers, indie singer-songwriter Dollybird has released her first album titled ‘Sleepy Hollow’. The record is a slow-burning collection of dreamy folk songs that explore themes such as heartbreak, love lost, and found again. Despite its melancholic vibes it still manages to be incredibly evocative in its storytelling – providing listeners with a comforting escape from their everyday lives.

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